Many women come into my lash room for the first time and feel intimidated by "lash talk" so I've come to break it down for all my first timers and maybe my less fluent girls to understand the different lashes that I carry

All the lashes that I carry are by SugarLash Pro brand

I carry lash diameters 0.07.12, .15, and .18 for my Classic and Russian Volume sets

Ladies, this is where I urge you to be careful as any heavier may and will damage your natural lashes in the long term. When girls wear lashes that are too heavy, it can't be supported by their natural lash longterm and can inevitably damage their natural hair follicle. This is where it is important to choose a lash artist that is knowledgable and can work with your natural lashes to create the look that you want to achieve. 

I carry BC, D and L curls

Lengths from 7mm-15mm

My clients also have the choice between Mink and Silk lashes

Mink: Lashes have a semi-matte finish, and have a deep taper for the ultimate in softness. Ideal for: Soft, realistic lash looks. Our most popular choice as it is softer and more natural looking.

Silk: Lashes have a semi-gloss finish, and a shallow taper for a dramatic mascara type look. Ideal for: Bold lash looks. For the girls that want a darker, and dramatic look. 

Russian Volume lashes consists of 2 or more ultra fine lashes made into a fan and placed onto an individual lash. This allows the lash artist to be able to place on average anywhere from 200-400 lashes on your lash line giving you a very full look. They are gorgeous and take the most skill to do taking anywhere from 2.5 hours onwards, but really you can't put a time limit on perfect lashes! These are by far the healthiest  option for your lashes as the artist can control how many lashes and the lash weight she should put on your assessed lash. Russian Volume lashes last longer than the classic lashes, and your refill time can be stretched even longer. I also wanted to emphasize that these fans are made by hand individually and are NOT pre-made fans that you can buy. 

If you are curious to know what the look of Russian volume lashes are without taking the plunge, I suggest starting with a hybrid set which are a mix of both classic and Russian volume lashes. I promise you, you'll fall in love!