How long do eyelash extensions last for?

Your lash extensions will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle and your skincare regimen. As lashes shed, you will notice your lashes look less full so in order to maintain fullness, you will need a refill every 2-3 weeks.

How long does it take to put on eyelash extensions?

A full set of mink/silk individual eyelash extensions take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours as I do an unlimited count service meaning unlike some other lash salons, I do not count the lashes that I put on you. I simply keep lashing every 'healthy adult' lash until your lash line is full and gorgeous.  

A 2-3 week refill takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

Russian Volume full set takes anywhere from 2-2.5 hours onwards as I individually make my fans by hand. They are not premade to ensure the proper lash weight on each assessed lash to guarantee the health of your lashes. 

How can I prepare for my eyelash service?

We ask that you come to your eyelash service without any traces of makeup or oil based cosmetic products which will minimize the time spent having to clean it away. 

Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural eyelashes?

No! They simply do not ruin your lashes if done properly! I am trained to identify every strong, healthy lash and choose an appropriate lash weight and length in order for it to grow and shed naturally without disrupting it's cycle. I do not touch 'baby' lashes, which are lashes in the middle of a growth cycle so that it can grow. Your lashes have its own cycle of growing and shedding just as the hair on your head, so we must be respectful of that when lashing.